Standardized Process To Hold Meeting And Training Sessions

Zing technologies have created proprietary software that helps people in organizing meetings and trainings. It comes in two versions the anyzing and the zingthing; both these versions are patented and have a multi cursor user interface. The entry skills in keyboard are critical for the performance or else the results aren’t satisfactory and these problems in meeting and learning schedules have been bridged by the zing team. It works on a simple principle; a facilitator uses this software to keep an eye on the time so that the agenda for the meeting is met.

In Cases Of Non Conclusion, Voting Is Implemented To Get A Result

Pre- decided questions are asked to the meeting group so that the answers are as per the norm of the meeting. With attention on the meeting screen the participants ask their respective questions this can be organized as groups. The moment they are set they are asked to record their responses in the systems. After the recorded the group’s looks back into the answers and hold a brain storming session to understand what changes are required in the group. If the brain storing session doesn’t lead to a conclusion then a voting practice takes place using zing tech.

Training Institutes Uses This Software To Great Effect

Lot of training and research facilities are using this system to bring a sense of standardization in the meeting and training sessions so that there is a conclusion at the end of it. This makes the meeting more goals oriented. Learning academies use this method to hold group discussions so that the topic is vetted properly by the participants and they everyone has an equal opportunity chances to excel in the discussion without being shadowed by another individual. Organizing a training session where all the aspects are covered in a time bound fashion is challenging however with the smart systems like the Zing one can hold multiple training and meeting events with software so that the information is retained and enhanced in the manner the original topic doesn’t lose in transition. Improper learning event can take a toll on the original objective of the learning sessions.
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